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Hydraulic road binders, depending on class E2 and E4, are intended for stabilization of the bearing layer of the pavement structure during the construction or reconstruction of roads or for the improvement and stabilization of poorly bearing soil

HRB E2, HRB E42022-07-07T12:08:30+01:00


Hydraulic binder for masonry and plastering of strength class MC 12.5 packed in 25 kg bags. An ideal product for making mortar only with the addition of sand and water.


CEM I 42,5 R

Cement for the production of dry mortars and construction adhesives with reduced soluble chromium content VI.

CEM I 42,5 R2022-07-07T12:10:16+01:00


Construfil production process takes place within the cement plant and involves the use of raw materials and equipment that meet the high quality requirements of the product.


CEM I 52,5 R

Cement for the production of concrete with special properties is characterized by the highest class of initial and standard strength, it is intended for precast concrete elements as well as for high-grade concrete.

CEM I 52,5 R2022-07-07T12:10:47+01:00


Sulfate-resistant cement of low heat of hydration is recommended for the construction of buildings in chemically aggressive environments and / or massive concrete structures

CEM III/B 32,5N – LH/SR2022-07-07T12:11:58+01:00

CEM II/B-M(S-L) 42,5R

Cement for RMC plants with moderate strength and heat of hydration development, intended for production of regular pumped and transported concrete.

CEM II/B-M(S-L) 42,5R2022-07-07T14:01:46+01:00

CEM II /A-L 42,5 R

Cement for RMC plants intended primarily for construction of infrastructural projects where higher concrete classes and/or special properties are required .

CEM II /A-L 42,5 R2022-07-07T13:59:23+01:00

Cement for individual building

Cement for individual construction packed in bags of 25 and 50 kg, recommended for the construction of individual residential buildings, as well as commercial and residential buildings of smaller dimensions and stores.

Cement for individual building2022-09-22T15:31:08+01:00
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