We believe that the relationship between corporate governance and social responsibility is multilayered and two-way. On one hand, corporate governance is the area which is being, from the aspect of social responsibility, constantly improved in order to ensure transparency, and on the other hand, it is a means by which we are trying to implement socially responsible practice into all aspects of our operations.

One of the objectives of our governance system is to ensure a balanced and sustainable development in time through three dimensions: economic, ecological and social.

The highest governing body of Moravacem is the Board of Directors.

Rade Bučevac
Rade BučevacManaging Director
Biljana Blagojević
Biljana BlagojevićFinance Director
Ivan Vujisić
Ivan VujisićCommercial Director
Marko Milojković
Marko MilojkovićHR Manager
Damien Lynch
Damien LynchTechnical director