Today, Moravacem, with around 300 employees, is dedicated to development of its key resource – the people, thus a lot of attention is paid to selection of  high-quality staff and their further development.

As one of the largest cement and concrete producer, we offer to our employees top-quality trainings and possibility to work and develop in different business areas.

Initiative, creativity, enthusiasm and diligence in doing the job is what we expect from our employees. We support team work, open and adjustable individuals, who are ready to adapt their own interests to the ones of the company.

Our employment policy is based on the principle of equal opportunity. Qualifications and competence increase the opportunity, but that is the only difference we see between people.  Nationality, gender, religion, political opinion or any other difference , which does not refer to knowledge and competence, is irrelevant to us. We give advantage in regard to what they can or know, not in regard to who they are or what they think.

If you are interested in joining our team and working in our company, please apply and send your curriculum vitae (CV).