Self-installing concrete

Self-compacting concrete ("SCC concrete") is characterized by a higher content of fine grains than ordinary concrete, due to the higher amount of binder and a different granulometric curve.

Self-installing concrete2021-03-26T12:57:31+01:00

High performance concrete with eruptive stone

Concrete for concrete pavement has many applications and is often used as an alternative to asphalt due to its durability and resistance.

High performance concrete with eruptive stone2021-03-26T12:55:11+01:00

High strength concrete

These are standard pumped concretes and self-supporting concretes of high strength classes (MB60, MB70).

High strength concrete2021-03-27T11:10:06+01:00

Special concretes

Special concretes most often used for infrastructure facilities.

Special concretes2021-03-26T12:48:50+01:00

Concretes for industrial floors

Concretes for industrial floors are widely used in the construction of commercial and industrial halls.

Concretes for industrial floors2021-03-26T12:47:11+01:00

Standard concretes

The most used type of concrete that we produce every day for all types of projects.

Standard concretes2021-03-26T12:42:59+01:00
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