CEM I 42,5 R

Cement for dry mortars and construction adhesives

Portland cement CEM I 42,5 R is produced by grinding of high quality portland cement clinker with the addition of optimal quantity of gypsum. This product is characterized by reduced content of soluble chromium VI.

Moravacem d.o.o recommends CEM I 42,5 R mainly for production of dry mortars and construction adhesives and for production of grouts (anchor grouting, post-tensioned tendons…).


  • PC 42,5 R
  • CEM l 42,5 R

Designation, composition and cement quality are in accordance with Rulebook on cement quality

Properties of CEM I 42,5 R

  • High early strengths
  • Reduced content of soluble chromium VI.
  • Excellent final strengths
  • Compatible with chemical admixtures
  • Provides faster construction making production costs lower
  • Provides efficient utilization of chemical admixtures which results in enhanced properties of fresh and hardened concrete
  • Uniform quality
  • Optimal specific surface area
  • Optimal fineness
  • Uniform light color

Moravacem recommends CEM I 42,5 R for production of dry mortars because in comparison with application of composite types of cement, prepared mixtures:

  • have faster strength gain
  • are easier to design strength
  • require lower amount of cement
  • have uniform quality

Application of cement CEM I 42,5 R in production of dry mortars

Ready mixed dry mortars are cement based mixtures produced with addition of special chemical admixtures and different fillers of certain granulation. Mixtures prepared with CEM I 42.5 R are ready for use whereby production of mortar requires only addition of water. Thanks to specially adopted quality of CEM I 42,5 R from Moravacem product portfolio, properties of fresh and hardened mortar, are in accordance with requirements of appropriate standards. Quality of dry mix prepared with CEM I 42,5 R is confirmed through practical experiences.

CEM I 42.5 R is recommended for production of

  • Waterproof construction adhesive for ceramic tiles
  • Waterproof construction adhesive for styrofoam
  • Dry mixture for concrete floors
  • Dry mixture for tile grouts
  • Dry mixture for grouting
  • Mortars for plastering
  • Mortars for bricklaying

This product is available in 50 kg bags which provides production of concrete with special properties and production of grouts on construction site. CEM I 42,5 R can be used for production of ordinary and transported concrete as well.

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