CEM II/A-L 52,5 R

Portland-limestone cement of strength class 52,5 R

Cement is produced by grinding of high-quality Portland cement clinker and limestone with optimal gypsum content as a setting time regulator

Moravacem d.o.o recommends cement CEM II/A-L 52,5 R for production of dry mixes for mortars and construction adhesives and for demanding concrete and structures in terms of strengths and special properties.

In comparison with Portland cements, CEM II/A-L 52,5 R has up to 10% lower carbon footprint!


  • PC 20L 52,5 R
  • CEM II/A-L 52,5 R

Designation, composition, and cement quality are in accordance with Rulebook on cement quality

Cement CEM II/A-L 52,5 R properties

  • High early and final strength
  • Fast strength development
  • High heat of hydration
  • Compatible with chemical admixtures for mortar and concrete
  • Optimal fineness
  • Light color

Application of CEM II/A-L 52,5 R

  • Production of dry mixes for
    • bricklaying mortars,
    • mortars for plastering,
    • tiling adhesives and grouts,
    • façade adhesives,
    • waterproofing slurries,
  • Preparation of grouting, self-leveling compounds for floors and other mixes for repair and finishing works in building construction
  • Prefabrication and production of concrete elements (prefabricated concrete structure, railway sleepers)
  • Production of concrete products (paving elements, poles, curbs, pipes, etc.)
  • Production of concrete for prestressed structures and elements
  • Production of lightweight concrete (AAC elements)

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