Sulphate resistant cement of low hydration heat

CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR is produced by grinding of portland cement clinker and ground granulated blast furnace slag, with addition of optimal quantity of gypsum as a setting time regulator.

Moravacem recommends this type of cement for construction of objects where sulphate resistance and/or low hydration heat is required, and for producers of ready mixed ordinary concrete in summer conditions.


  • M 20K 32,5 N – LH/SR
  • CEM III/B 32,5 N – LH/SR.

Designation, composition and cement quality are in accordance with Rulebook on cement quality

Properties of cement CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR

  • Sulphate resistance
  • Low heat of hydration
  • Low strength gain in early period
  • Significant strength gain even after 28 days
  • Very low content of Tricalcium Aluminate C3A
  • Low alkali content
  • Very light color
  • Optimal initial and final setting time
  • Compatible with chemical admixtures – provides efficient utilization of chemical admixtures which results in enhanced properties of fresh and hardened concrete (lower Wc ratio, improved consistency, resistance to frost and salts…)

Application of CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR

  • Production of sulphate resistant concrete, and concrete for structures placed in other aggressive environments (urea, ammonia, lactic acid, acetic acid);
  • Building of wastewater treatment systems, sewage and drainage systems, irrigation systems, subsurface works, stabilization and soil injection, road works;
  • Production of concrete of prolonged durability;
  • Production of mass concrete and construction of massive construction projects (dams, tunnels, foundations, bridges…);
  • Application of this type of cement with good quality aggregates and concrete chemical admixtures, wide range of concrete classes can be achieved, up to C40/50;
  • Production of concrete with low strength gain at early age, and high final strength gain (piles);
  • Production of RMC (ordinary concrete, pumped, self-compacting) in summer conditions;
  • Production of concrete for construction of livestock and poultry farms;
  • Light-color of the cement makes it ideal for application in architecture;

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