Cement for individual building

This cement type is produced by grinding of Portland cement clinker and a mixed addition of limestone and fly ash, with addition of optimal quantity of gypsum, as a setting time regulator.

Cement for individual building is available in bags of od 25 and 50 kg. Cement is stored on pallets and protected by high-quality foil, delivered to the customers by trucks.

Thanks to uniform quality and good early and standard strengths, Moravacem cement in bags is suitable for production of wide range of concrete classes – MB 10 up to MB 25. It’s used for construction of individual houses, business and residential buildings of smaller dimensions.


  • PC 50M (V-L) 42,5 N (SDO 15 001:2021)

Designation, composition and cement quality are in accordance with Serbian document for assessment of Portland-composite cements with reduced clinker content SDO 15001:2021 (Official Gazette of the RS, number 120/21).

Properties of Moravacem cement

  • Uniform quality
  • Optimal initial and final setting time
  • Good early and final strengths
  • Lower heat of hydration development
  • Low alkali content

Properties of concrete produced with Moravacem cement

  • Good workability with lower water-cement ratio which provides better strengths
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Easier curing
  • Reduced permeability with prolonged durability

Application of Moravacem cement

Construction of individual houses, business and residential buildings of smaller dimensions:

  • Reinforced inside and outside elements (slabs, terraces, beams, columns…) – recommended concrete classes MB 25
  • Reinforced foundations for two-storey and three-storey buildings – recommended concrete classes MB 20 – MB 25
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced foundations for ground floor structures – recommended concrete classes MB 15 – MB 20

Moravacem cement is also suitable for:

  • Production of prefabricated concrete products (paving elements, concrete blocks and other products.)
  • Building of paths, plateau, concrete fences
  • Underground works and beddings
  • Production of cement and cement-lime mortars

Technical assistance

For further information or advices regarding application of our products, feel free to contact our technical assistance department at telephone 0800 325 425 or via e-mail

Ivana Radovanović, Application consultant
Email: ivana.radovanovic@moravacem.rs

Sreten Obrenović, Application consultant
Email: sreten.obrenovic@moravacem.rs

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