• Constant quality thanks to the latest generation equipment
  • Supply stability thanks to significant production and own transportation capacities
  • Quality control in our own modernly equipped laboratory
  • Application in the production of asphalt, dry mortar and concrete, and especially self-compacting concrete

Construfil complies with the standard SRPS B.B3.045:1982 (Stone flour for hydrocarbon mixtures – Technical requirements) and meets the quality requirements for the first class of product quality, so it can be used for the production of high quality hydrocarbon mixtures for the production of asphalt layers. Quality of Construfil was also confirmed by testing according to the European Standard for Testing of Aggregates for Asphalt Mixtures, EN 13043, which has also been adopted in Serbia (SRPS EN 13043: 2007).

In addition to hydrocarbon mixtures, Construfil is also appropriate for the production of dry mortars and concrete (fine particles in the aggregate), and especially self-compacting concrete (to achieve optimal consistency and flowability). In addition, after initial testing, it can also be used in the production of paints and polymers, in agriculture, for gas desulphurisation in thermal power plants, for wastewater treatment, and in many other areas.

Construfil production process takes place within the cement plant and involves the use of raw materials and equipment that meet the high quality requirements of the product. The uniform quality of the product is achieved by the complex third-generation separation system SKS-Z 3000 manufactured by KHD, which consists of a separator, two cyclones, two high power fans and air ducts. Here the material is precisely separated to the desired granulation.

The quality control of the manufactured Construfil is carried out within the laboratory, which is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and conducts regular testing during production and dispatch of the product.

The stability of customer supply is ensured by significant production capacity as well as our own fleet for the transport of bulk materials.