At Moravacem, investing in employee professional development implies promotion of their  knowledge and skills  with the aim to achieve corporate goals as well as to advance their individual professional development.

Individualized approach to employees elaborated through annual individual development plans represents a significant step in achieving the desired goals. In this regard, our employees have at their disposal a wide variety of internal and external trainings, seminars and educations.

We can single out the local Management Academy, where our employees are lecturers and attendees at the same time. In this way, we share mutual knowledge, strengthen the existing skills and acquire the new ones.


Talent Pool

We are looking for ambitious and outstanding individuals who are willing to accept challenges and prove that they are the ones who can become part of a successful team of the Moravacem company, one of the largest global producers of building materials.


Student Scholarships

We invite successful and ambitious students of III or IV year of basic academic studies as well as students of master academic studies to apply for scholarships provided by the Moravacem company.