Moravacem d.o.o. is commited to setting the highest standards of customer satisfaction and sustainable development  within the Serbian Construction industry. To achieve this, we use an integrated management system with focus on management of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and quality of goods and services. The aim is to provide a safe secure and sustainable business, fully meeting the requirements of our customers, stakeholders and any applicable legislation. Therefore our priorities are:

1. Occupational health and safety

Ensuring occupational health and safety is inseparable part of our day-to-day work and a term and condition of employment. Our objective is zero injuries for our employees, contractors and visitors. As result we invest in safe equipment and facilities, we continuously improve our health and safety risk management aspiring towards best practice. Through constant training and safety campaigns we develop occupational health and safety awareness of our employees, contractors and visitors. We are committed to meeting legal and other requirements, continuous improvement of the OH&S management system, consulting and participation of employees and employee representatives.

2. Environment and corporate social responsibility

Moravacem d.o.o. commits to sustainable development and to meet all environmental legislation requirements in the all industry segments in Serbia, and strive to protect our environment through best management practices and decisions. Moravacem d.o.o. prevent pollution by striving to minimize waste generation, all emissions and resource consumption, by minimization or elimination of enivironmental impacts. Moravacem d.o.o.  provides modern solutions to the waste problems of the local communities and industries by co processing various type of wastes.

3. Customer focus

We undertake to meet requests and expectations of customers and, thus create mutual beneficial relations.

4. Process and system approach

For company management we use the principles of management systems with the aim to create effective communication, effective use of all resources and continual improvement of processes.

5. Involvement of employees

We ensure that our employees are involved at all levels to make the full use of their abilities, creativity and responsibility for the benefit of common success, customer satisfaction and creation and continuous improvement of healthy and safe work place and environment.

6. Effective use of resources and result achievement

Our business is to produce certified products and to provide quality services in effective way to be competitive on all our markets. Our decision-making process is completed through analysis of all available information.

All priorities from IMS Policy are farther elaborated into IMS objectives, projects and programs.


Environmental protection