Why join Moravacem?2021-03-24T12:52:12+01:00

Because we can recognize your potentials and offer you the opportunity to develop them to their full potential. We offer you the opportunity to work in different business areas. We also offer you the possibility to build an international career and work in a genuinely multicultural environment.

About Moravacem2021-03-25T11:48:02+01:00

Moravacem has a long history which goes way back to 1889. Up to now, we have become a strong, modern and reliable company which employes around 300 people in the area of production and sales of cement, concrete and aggregates. You can find out more about us using the link Company Profile.

What profile of people is Moravacem looking for and what makes an ideal candidate?2021-03-24T12:49:30+01:00

We are looking for ambitious and competent people, enthusiastic and willing to learn and develop. Moravacem is the right choice for those who can deal with dynamic changes and perceive new tasks as challenges and opportunities for personal development. There is no such thing as an ideal candidate because different jobs require different abilities.

What kind of work environment can you expect?2021-03-24T12:48:52+01:00

Dynamic is the word best describing our work environment. At Moravacem you can expect continual learning and development at all management levels, as well as  team work in all business segments. You will be, of course, provided with the best and the most advanced  work equipment.

How to apply for a job in Moravacem?2021-03-24T12:48:32+01:00

In order to be considered for open positions in the future, please follow the instructions at page Job application and fill in the application form.

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