At Moravacem, safety is our top priority and our ambition is to have a culture of safety and wellness working towards zero harm.

We demand the highest safety standards in everything we do, driven by our employees and management at every level as we work to achieve our common goal – that nobody gets hurt at work.

Our company are collaborating to drive safety improvements across CRH Group and beyond, implementing best practice safety management systems and health and wellbeing programmes across all our locations.

The 16 life-saving rules fully include basic information on Fatality Fundamentals, and guidelines as examples. These rules, which are binding and must be fully respected, form the backbone of our evolving security strategy.

We must continue to conscientiously take care of security management on a daily basis and to constantly adhere to all life-saving rules. Our security management is a direct reflection of the overall management of our company.


Saša Matić