High strength concrete

These are standard pumped concretes and self-supporting concretes of high strength classes (MB60, MB70). High performance is achieved by using CEM I 52.5R cement, strong superplasticizers and, if necessary, stone of eruptive origin. The requirements regarding the strength and consistency of these concretes are extremely high. Areas of application of concrete with high strength classes are:

■ Residential buildings
■ Commercial facilities
■ Infrastructure projects

Construction of the Belgrade Tower, the tallest building in Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront
Amount of concrete used: 27,000 m3
Concrete type: Special concretes MB50, MB60 and MB70 with CEM I 52.5 R cement, MB50 concrete with sulphate-resistant CEM III cement

Project duration: 2019-2021. years
Client: Impresa Pizzarotti