Hydraulic road binder HRB E4

Hydraulic road binder is a factory produced hydraulic binder, supplied ready for use, having properties specifically suitable for treatment of materials for bases, sub-bases and capping layers as well as earthworks, in road, railway, airport and other types of infrastructures

Standard SRPS EN 13282-1:2015 provides production of 4 different classes of hydraulic road binders:

Binder class

Compressive strengths [MPa]

after 7 days

after 28 days


≥ 5,0

≥  2,5

≤ 32,5


≥ 10,0

≥ 22,5

≤ 42,5


≥ 16,0

≥ 32,5

≤ 52,5


≥ 16,0

≥ 32,5

Moravacem d.o.o. produces hydraulic road binder HRB E4 intended for

  • stabilization/improvement of soil load capacity in road construction (soil stabilization in capping layer)
  • production of stabilized mixture of unbound aggregates and binder for construction of base/sub-base layers
  • for cold recycling when low-grade recycled materials are reused

Stabilized mixture is homogeneous mixture of soil or gravel with appropriate amount of binder and water.

Properties of hydraulic road binder HRB E4

  • Optimal fineness for homogeneous mixture
  • Slower hydration and strength development for lower cracking
  • Uniform quality

Application of HRB E4 requires previous trials, laboratory designing of compostition of stabilized mixture for achieving required quality criteria. Trials are to be conducted in certified laboratories in accordance with technical conditions for road construction and SRPS standards.

In designing of stabilized mixture composition, homogeneity is to be provided with optimal percentage of binder and water. Placement of stabilized mixture and curing of stabilized layer is to be performed properly as well.

Hydraulic road binder HRB E4 provides usage of existing materials in road consruction.  Improvement of soil load capacity (without material replacement) or reuse of recycled materials from existing road (cold recycling) gives aditional ecological and economical value due to lower material and transport costs.

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