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Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to building an organization where Inclusion & Diversity is a core leadership value, and where:

  • Talented people of all backgrounds are welcome – differences are embraced
  • Everyone has a fair and equal opportunity – to develop and progress
  • Our working environment supports people – in being themselves and performing at their best

Inclusion – Inclusion affects the diversity of our employee structure in order to achieve full participation and optimal performance; empowers differences instead of suppressing them.
A culture that makes employees feel a sense of belonging – they feel safe, respected and trusted.
Inclusion primarily allows us to attract different talents and provides an opportunity to hear different voices. Practically, it is about creating an environment in which everyone in the organization can act at their best.

Diversity – When we speak about diversity, we mean people of different backgrounds and people with different characteristics, including: age, disability, ethnicity or race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.
Inclusion and diversity strategy are based on the following principles (4 strategic pillars) that help CRH become a leading global industrial company:

  • Making business better
  • Focused growth
  • Right people, right place, right time
  • Unleashing the potential of OneCRH

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