Notice on personal data processing (2017)

Welcome to the CRH Serbia website (hereinafter “Site“).

CRH takes very seriously individual privacy protection, thus we have prepared this notice in order to inform you about the way we collect and use your personal data. Since this Notice can be updated, you should check this page periodically for any updates. By using our site you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Notice and to our use of cookies in the way described below. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the site.

Data collection

Depending on the way you use our site,we can collect and store various types of personal data. Through the site we collect personal data such as your name and email address when you send them to us because you are interested in certain products or services.

We collect information about your Interner browser, including the IP address of your computer and location of a person,  browser type, operational system and the webpage you are visiting. If you access our website from your mobile  or a similar device, we can even collect the unique identification number of the device. This information enables us to present or shape relevant content and services for a specific device.

Website visitors

While you are browsing our site, we can collect anonymous information about your location, your moving around the site and the way you are using it. We are going to use this information to improve the performance and practical aspects of the site, in order to track visitors’ movements.

“Contact us“

If you visit the section “Contact us“ on our website and enter the information requested in the part “How can we help you“, we are going to use this information to handle your queries and answer them. We can keep the information you provide for later use in order to evaluate the quality of services we have provided to you and others over time.

If you write to us, call us or send us an email, we are going to use your data to send you a reply and keep our correspondence on record.

“Join us“

If you visit the section “Join us” and enter the information requested in the section “Job application”, this information shall be used during the selection process for specific work positions and as such, they shall be subject to the following processing methods: searching, collection, browsing, recording, copying, transferring, using, publishing, entering, organizing,classifying, combining, storing, keeping, adjusting, revealing through transfer, or making available in other ways, relocating and making unavailable in other ways, and carrying out other actions in relation to the above stated data.

Information sharing

We can share your personal data with other CRH entities in order to provide you with information and services you demand from us, improving our services at the same time.

We shall not share your personal data with third parties without your consent, except in cases when we are bound to do so by the law or a state authority.


We endeavour to protect your personal data and implement appropriate technical and organisational safety measures in order to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data or their loss.

Requests in relation to your personal data

You can contact us at any time to find out which information about you we are keeping or to request a copy. If you want your personal data to be deleted, inform us. If you believe that our information is inaccurate or incorrect, we shall gladly correct it.
If you want to send a request considering anything of the above mentioned, or if you have questions about the way we use your personal data, you should contact

Cookie Notice

This site is using cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and kept by your interner browser. Its purpose is to remember the information about you, similar to a database with preferred options made by a software application. Cookies perform several different functions. Some cookies have essential value for our ability to put at your disposal our Location and provide services. Cookies can be “permanent“, which means they shall remain on your device even when you leave the Location, or “temporary“, which means that they are deleted as soon as you close the Internet browser. The preferred options can be managed through your browser settings, but bear in mind that, if you do so, some functions of the Location might not be available or completely efficient.

CRH shall not personally identify visitors and shall not use cookies to contact you.  CRH endeavours to respect your privacy.

If you have any questions or doubts considering the way we use your personal data, feel free to contact us as stated above.