Winners of the

Partnership for the Future competition

Popovac, June 15, 2023 – Moravacem organized the fourteenth “Partnership for the Future” competition with the aim of supporting various initiatives in the development of areas that the company supports with its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

The competition was open from April 3 to 30, 2023 for all non-profit organizations, institutions and citizen associations registered in the territory of the municipality of Paraćin.

This year, 52 projects were submitted.

The total award fund is 50,000 euros, and the jury decided to award thirteen quality projects that met all the requirements of the competition.

By the decision of the jury, composed of representatives of the Moravac company, and in accordance with the Terms of the competition, the following winners of the fourteenth “Partnership for the Future” competition were announced:

  • Association “You are a smart man” – “Green knowledge for the future”
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development “SMART CONNECTIONS” – “Green Mini Hackathon for High School Students in Paraćin”
  • Association of citizens “Đurđevdan” – “Early marriages – Violation of the rights of Roma women”
  • Association “Center for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence” – “Help a friend – he is not different; he just needs help”
  • Association of Citizens “Media Center Paraćin” – “You are different – so what”
  • Local action group – LAG Paraćin – “Prevention and preservation of mental health of young people”
  • Gymnasium Paraćin – “Green classroom – resource center for bio-sciences, ecology and sustainable development”
  • Environmental education center EKOS – “From waste to raw material”
  • UNEKOOP – “Towards sustainable waste management in the Municipality of Paraćin”
  • Association for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment “OMEGA” – “Eco Camp 2023”
  • Student organization Paraćin – “Let’s recycle together”
  • Association “Petrus” Zabrega – “Experience Little Mount Athos”
  • Elementary school “Branko Radičević” Popovac – “Renovation of the school yard of the home school in Popovac”

When selecting, the jury was guided by the relevance of the projects to the needs of the local community, the potential for sustainability, but also compliance with the topics that the company supports in its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy:


Education of children and youth (municipality of Paracin) – initiatives aimed at educating children and youth in the local community in the following areas:

  • Raising awareness about environmental protection (waste recycling, conservation of natural resources, water, primary fuels vs. alternative sources, etc.)
  • Health – improvement of mental and physical health
  • Diversity and inclusion – raising awareness among young people and children about the existence of sensitive social groups and the importance of accepting differences and respecting diversity
  • Promotion of sustainable construction solutions in order to bring the construction industry closer to new generations


Environmental protection (municipality of Paracin) – specific initiatives aimed at:

  • Improvement of environmental protection in the local community – waste classification and management, alternative fuels, landfills, air quality, etc.
  • Alternative fuels as a solution to the problem of waste in the local community


Solutions for raising the quality of life in Popovac and its immediate surroundings (Zabrega, Stubica, Buljane and Bosnjane – hereinafter referred to as the local community)

  • Improving the general quality of life of residents
  • Supporting activities that promote the cultural specificities of the local community, preservation of cultural heritage and encouragement of tourism
  • Support for projects that promote synergy, i.e. joint activities of the local community and the cement factory related to environmental protection

In the following period, the signing of the contract will be organized, after which the winners of the competition will begin the implementation of the projects.

We wish the winners of the “Partnership for the Future” competition a lot of success in the implementation of their projects, and we thank all the organizations and institutions that participated in the competition this year.