Project Description

We invite successful and ambitious students of  III or IV year of basic academic studies as well as students of master academic studies to apply for scholarships provided by the Moravacem company.

The advantage will be given to the students from the Pomoravlje region, since as a socially responsible company we want to help and support the development of the local community.

Criteria for being granted a scholarship are as follows:

  • Being awarded at least 55 ECTS credits per academic year or more
  • Duly attended lectures and exams passed from the previous academic year
  • All exams from the first semester of the final year duly passed
  • Average grade of 8,5 or higher
  • Social engagement (e.g. engagement in projects, writing a scientific paper, taking part in competitions. Membership in student organizations, volunteering).

Besides a CV, candidates should enclose the exam transcript and a certificate with the average grade achieved during studies. A periodic student achievement card or scan of a student booklet would suffice.