Reference projects

Corridor X

Corridor X is one of the most important Pan-European traffic corridor which connects Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Greece.

Moravacem participated in realization of final stages of this project in Serbia: Nis – North Macedonian border (Corridor X South) and Nis – Bulgarian border (Corridor X East).

Construction companies and RMC plants, engaged in this project, were supplied with high quality types of cement and binder from Moravacem cement plant in Popovac.

Moracica bridge

Moracica bridge, of 175 meters height and 960 meters length, is the biggest construction challenge on highway project Bar – Boljare in Montenegro.

Bridge is part of priority section of this highway Smokovac – Matesevo, of 41 kilometer length, which connects Kolasin and Podgorica.

For construction of box bridge girder, by balanced cantilever method, cement plant Moravacem from Popovac supplied cement CEM I 52,5R.

WWTP Vranje

Construction of waste water treatment plant in Vranje started in 2020 wherby total value of investment stands for 11,7 mil EUR.

Realization of this infrastructural project will solve the issue with waste water treatment in the City of Vranje.

On this project, Moravacem participated as a supplier of sulfate resistant cement of low hydration heat CEM III / B 32.5N / LH-SR.

Vorwerk Cacak

Modern factory complex of Vorwerk & Sohn group, intended for production of car components, was built in Preljina near Cacak within 18 months.

The entire factory complex covers 45 000 square meters and total value of investment is 60 mil EUR.

Moravacem took participation in realization of this project supplying cement CEM I 52,5R for production of prefabricated concrete elements and CEM II / A-L 42,5R for production of RMC for this project.

Airport „Nikola Tesla“

One of the most important projects for the concrete segment in Moravacem is the construction of a platform for defrosting and preventing icing of airplanes at the “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade.

For this purpose, concrete with special characteristics was used, with crushed stone of eruptive origin.

Preljine-Požega Highway

The highway from Preljina to Požega is of great importance for connecting Serbia and the region, because it is a continuation of Corridor 11 towards the border with Montenegro, but it is also part of the future highway Belgrade – Sarajevo.

The section Preljina – Požega is a continuation of the project of construction of the highway Belgrade – South Adriatic, and a third of the route on the future highway will consist of: three tunnels, 35 bridges, 11 overpasses and three loops.

With its product – cement, the company Moravacem participates in the realization of this important national project.

Belgrade Tower

Tower of Belgrade will be the new tallest building in Serbia with a height of 168 meters. In April 2019, the realization of this facility began within the project “Belgrade Waterfront”. It is a mega tower called “Belgrade Tower”, the future tallest building in Serbia and a symbol of the complete project.

Tower of Belgrade will have a predominantly residential function, and the facility is planned to be completed in 2021. The largest part of the total amount of concrete that will be installed in this facility, whose total gross area will be over 65,000 m2, will be produced by Moravacem with its concrete plants in Krnjača, Zemun and Dobanovci.

Moravian Corridor Highway

With its product – cement, Moravacem participates in the realization of a significant national project for the construction of the Moravian Corridor highway in the area from Preljina to Pojate.

The Moravian Corridor highway project consists of the design and construction of a highway, with a total length of 112 km, together with ancillary facilities, river regulation and protection and relocation of existing utility facilities in the West Morava region of Serbia.

Kovačica wind farm

In the Košava area, on the territory of the municipality of Kovačica, where the wind blows for an average of 210 days during one calendar year, 38 wind generators, substations and 40 km of roads were built.

For the needs of this project, whose main goal is to reduce the annual production of carbon dioxide CO2 by about 247,000 tons, Moravacem delivered about 34,000 m3 of concrete from its concrete base in Krnjača.