Self-installing concrete

Self-compacting concrete (“SCC concrete”) is characterized by a higher content of fine grains than ordinary concrete, due to the higher amount of binder and a different granulometric curve. Such harmonized properties together with specially adapted superplasticizers enable unique fluidity and specific compaction ability. Self-compacting concrete opens up new possibilities for the use of concrete that far exceed the possibilities of conventional concrete. Is used:
■ for densely spaced fittings
■ for complex geometric shapes
■ for thin cross sections
■ in all cases where compaction of concrete is difficult
■ for required homogeneous structures

Raiffeisen Bank, Belgrade
Amount of concrete used: 4,500 m3
Type of concrete:
• self-leveling concrete MB30 and MB40
• special concrete MB45 used for installation of piles

Completion of the project: 2010
Client: Fundament MB