One of our most competitive advantages is the combination of knowledge, creativity and innovation of our employees. Strong corporate social responsibility is reflected in our care for welfare and safety of our staff and people from the wider community. Everyone gives their contribution to our operations.

In cooperation with employees, their families, local community and society as a whole, Moravacem supports sustainable development in order to improve the quality of life.

Our commitment to sustainable development and socially responsible behaviour is reflected in the  Moravacem Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

We are committed to working with our strategic partners on building and maintaining a realtionship of mutual respect and trust. Our objective is to contribute to improved life quality of our employees, their families and communities in the vicinity of our plants.

Social responsibility is one of the key components of our business operations, and our guideline in  good decision making and undertaking necessary actions.
In cooperation with our strategic partners, this policy definition will be subject to regular audits and assessments.

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Partnership for the Future

Moravacem organized the eleventh in a row competition “Partnership for the Future” with the aim of supporting various initiatives in the function of developing areas related to the local economy, community and environment.


Zorica Radovanović