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Moravacem, as a loyal partner in realization of various construction projects, constantly follows up needs and additional requirements of construction industry. In order to help consumers of our products and make their job easier, we are strongly commited to improvement of our product portfolio which implies development of existing products and introduction of new ones.

Since April 2020. production facility of Moravacem in Popovac near Paracin produces completely new high-quality binder for bricklaying and plastering – ZidoMal.

ZidoMal is a hydraulic binder, produced by grinding of Portland cement clinker and limestone, with addition of optimal quantity of gypsum (calcium sulphate), as a setting time regulator.

According to standard SRPS EN 413-1, which defines quality parameters of masonry cements, ZidoMal binder is of strength class MC 12.5. High strength class points out minimal compressive strength of binder after 28 days at 12.5 MPa which makes this product ideal solution for bricklaying.

Besides ideal strengths, binder Zidomal is also characterized by optimal entrained air content which provides very good mortar workability making it suitable for preparing of high-quality mortars for plastering as well.

In accordance with its properties, ZidoMal is easy and simple for usage and “DIY” application whereby preparing of mortar requires only addition of sand and water.

New product of Moravacem is intended for professionals and for all others who need partner support for performing masonry works.

Binder for bricklaying and plastering ZidoMal is supplied to customers in 25 kg bags, packed on pallets and protected by means of high-quality foil.

Properties of CRH ZidoMal

  • Very good strengths
  • Optimal setting time
  • Easy for application
  • Optimal entrained air content
  • Very good water retention
  • Uniform quality
  • Ecologically pure
  • Produced by natural materials
  • Light color

 Advantages of mortar prepared with ZidoMal:

Application of ZidoMal results in high-quality mortar:

  • Very good wall strengths (mortar class > M5)
  • Optimal workable life of fresh mortar
  • Good workability of fresh mortar
  • Resistance of hardened mortar to frost
  • Perfect adherence to brick and concrete surface
  • Minimal shrinkage of mortar after finished hydration process
  • Durability of hardened mortar

How to use ZidoMal for preparing of mortar?

ZidoMal Sand (0-4mm)
  Bricklaying: 1 3,5
  Plastering: 1 4


We point out that mortar prepared with ZidoMal was tested in accredited laboratory in the Institute for testing of materials IMS from Belgrade. Based on results of these tests, recommendations for dosage of materials are determined for preparing of mortar for bricklaying and plastering as well.

Applying recommended volume proportions of ZidoMal and sand with water needed for desired workability, high-quality mortar is to be achieved.

Binder strength class of MC 12.5 provides advantages to consumers of this binder such as higher wall strengths and higher volume of mortar produced as well. Savings compared to cement- lime mortars is 10%.

ZidoMal – excellent solution for masonry works!

Technical assistance

For further information or advices regarding application of our products, feel free to contact our technical assistance department at telephone 0800 325 425 or via e-mail

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Sreten Obrenović, Application consultant
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